Relay Work Smart pricing

Relay Work Smart is currently free to use as part of our early access program.

We have not yet finalised pricing for the commercial service, but we realise that you might want to know our plans for pricing so that you can commit to using the service to manage your work.

Our current thoughts, which we may have to change, is that there will be three tiers of pricing:

  • We will provide a free service, which can be used by individuals who only receive tasks from others, and for individuals who have a limited number of plans and tasks. The free service may be supported by advertising and will come with standard (email-based, best-efforts) support.
  • We will provide a premium service for a monthly fee. This will have usage limits suitable for large projects, will be free of adverts, and will come with premium support (email and phone based, priority).
  • We will provide an enterprise service for a per-user, monthly fee. As well as providing the same level of service as the premium offer, this will allow multiple users to be managed within a single account. The enterprise service will also support customisation of Relay Work Smart to the organisation's needs.

Our current plan is to transition to paid-for services by the start of 2024. We will allow early access users to use the system for free to complete their current projects.