How Relay works

Relay works a bit differently from other work management tools you might have used.

Instead of sharing the task directly with a partner, Relay sends the task to a partner so that they can complete it in their own account, in the same way that you might send an email to someone to ask them to do something.

Relay works this way because it supports much richer and more realistic patterns of working. You are in charge of your plan, but the work that you want other people to do might need to be included into their own plans. If you are asking people outside your organisation to work on something, you do not know exactly how they are going to get the work done. Relay gives them the freedom to work how they need to, while giving you complete control and visibility through your plan. It also means that Relay is more secure, because instead of inviting lots of people into your account to share your plan, you send tasks to other people which they then complete in their accounts.