Accepting and declining work

You will find incoming work requests in a folder for the partner that has sent them – a bit like an inbox just for that partner.

List of tasks from a partner

Your home folder will also show you recent tasks and ones that require action.

When you've been sent a task, the first thing you need to do it to decide whether you can do it. To find out about the task, look in the task definition section for the task description, the task deliverables section to look at the request, and the messages section for any messages.

Within the assignment section, you can then say whether you want to accept the task or decline it.

Accepting a task

If you accept the task, the sender will be notified and you will be able to start the task straight away.

If you can't the task, you can nominate someone else who you think might be able to do it. The person you sent the task will get these details, and they can decide whether or not to send the task to them instead.

Once you have declined the task, you will still have details of what they sent you. You can delete these if you like.