You can import tasks that you have exported back into Relay.

To import them, simply upload your export file when creating a new task.

Importing tasks

You will get a chance to give a new name to the task (or top-level task), and the import will then add a copy of your original task or tasks into the plan.

You can modify the export file before you import it, to add new tasks or to change details, or create an import file from scratch. If you use the placeholder [name] in the task names, then that will be changed to the name you enter when you import the plan.

You can use this to build a set of tasks that you can use time and time again to run a repeatable process, as in this example.

Importing spreadsheet with name placeholders

The JSON-based import has a few more features than the CSV or Excel import, particularly importing reminder configuration and request attachments. If you export request attachments, you must not delete the original tasks from which the import was created. Contact support for further technical details on the import if required.